3 Essential Dog Walking Tips Any New Dog Owner Should Know

3 Essential Dog Walking Tips Any New Dog Owner Should Know

A new puppy? Here are three essential dog walking tips to keep them safe on a walk

Those first few weeks with your new puppy can be so precious. It’s all about bonding and training – not to mention plenty of cuddles! However, it’s quite common for new owners to worry about what might happen when they begin taking their dog on walks. They become concerned that their four-legged friend might pull heavily on the lead, run off once they’ve been released, or refuse to return upon command. If you’re apprehensive about any of these things happening, there’s no need to fret. Instead, you just need to get your hands on these accessories and you should find that the first few walks are a major success. 

A harness

You’ll want to walk your dog using a harness rather than a lead. There are many benefits to doing so, including the fact that it will teach your puppy not to pull so forcefully. Meanwhile, you should also have better control over your dog in the event that they unexpectedly try to dart off. This could happen if your dog sees another animal or if it hears a loud bang. 

Using a front clip harness is a great idea to avoid your dog pulling on the leash. Harnesses that clip from the back actually promotes more pulling. So just make sure to search for front clip when you are searching

But you have to know that the right harness will not solve all your problems. You still have to put time and effort in training your little puppy to walk nicely. Check out this very informative blog about some loose leash techniques to get you started.

A dog whistle

It won’t take your dog long to get used to the sound of your voice. Therefore, when you do begin letting your pooch roam ahead, you might presume that it’ll just return when it hears your calls. Unfortunately, if they wander off too far you might find it difficult to make your voice travel. This is where a dog whistle comes in handy. It omits a distinct sound that your dog will recognise and be able to follow when it tries to find you. 

A dog whistle doesn’t make a loud irritating noise for humans that a normal whistle would. That means it can be used to train your dog without disturbing people nearby. Some of these dog whistles are adjustable  to control the frequency they produce.

Training treats

You’ll probably have noticed that dog treats are one of the fastest ways to your puppy’s heart. However, they’re also a way to signal control. If you are armed with treats on those first few walks, you can reward your dog when it is good and teach it to stay close by at all times. So if you ever want to teach your little puppy anything, whether its a new trick, good manners or where to poop rewarding good behaviour with a treat is a great motivational tool. 

Good luck!

You and your dog will no doubt have years of fun walks ahead of you both. While these three tricks are especially valuable for those first few months, you'll find they are always handy once your dog matures.

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