Does Your New Puppy Hate Riding The Car? This Is What You Need To Do.

Does Your New Puppy Hate Riding The Car? This Is What You Need To Do.

Most puppies hate car journeys at first, but here are some ways to get your new friend used to travelling.

First of all, decide whether your puppy is frightened of travelling in the car, or whether he is just travel sick. If your puppy is frightened he may shake, or be reluctant to get in, or may bark or whine during journeys. If your puppy is car sick he will probably drool, start licking his lips and whine. After this, you haven't got long before he stands up, and ahem, throws up!

To cure travel sickness, follow these simple steps:-

  1. Don't give your dog any food or drink for a few hours before travelling.
  2. Make sure your puppy can't roam around the car by using a doggy seat belt or crate.
  3. Open a window to keep fresh air flowing.
  4. Start with a short drive around the block. If your dog is not sick, reward him with dog treats when you arrive back home.
  5. Gradually increase the journey time over a few months until your dog is comfortable with the car.
  6. Remember that most young puppies grow out of travel sickness as they develop - much like children.

To cure car phobias, try the following:-

  1. Put your dog in the car in a crate or doggy seat belt with his favourite toy.
  2. Don't turn the engine on, but talk calmly to your dog while stroking him. If he remains calm and relaxed, offer him a dog treat.
  3. Next time, repeat all of the above with the engine on - wait, though, because you're still not going anywhere!
  4. Follow this with a short journey the time after that - make sure it ends somewhere fun like the park.
  5. Gradually build your puppy's confidence by increasing the length of the journey, always ending somewhere fun.
  6. If your puppy is still anxious, talk to your vet, who may prescribe anti-anxiety meds or a dog behaviourist.

In the end, most dogs learn to love the car - good luck in training your happy passenger!

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