Where's The Loo?

Where's The Loo? A Beginner's Guide

Your new puppy is adorable, fun-loving and a pleasure to have around - until they start pooing on the living room carpet, or anywhere that isn't where they sleep. It's instinctive canine behaviour, but it's your job to train your puppy to know the right place to go to the toilet.

It's not going to happen overnight, but if you arm yourself with a supply of dog poo bags and dog treats, you can create positive behaviour in your puppy or young dog in just 3 days. So set aside a long weekend, take a deep breath, and read on.

Keep your puppy with you

...but if that's not possible, create a safe area in a playpen, crate or even a utility room. You'll start to pick up on their toileting behaviour, so watch for signs like circling and sniffing. Puppies have tiny bladders and may need to go frequently, so give them the opportunity.

Use rewards to reinforce good behaviour

A dog treat is a great reward and will motivate a puppy more than praise. Keep some in a pocket at all times, so you can reward immediately, reinforcing the link between good behaviour and a treat.

Take your puppy out every hour

The more opportunities there are for rewards, the quicker your puppy will get it. But you need to be consistent and repetitive. Keep your puppy motivated with tasty rewards, and he'll reward you by learning to go outside more quickly.

Patience and consistency are key

You must avoid punishing your puppy, as all they'll learn is that you get cross when they poo, which is going to make life very difficult further down the line.

Select one spot for your dog's toilet

You'll be grateful that you did, as it makes poo patrol so much easier with dog poo bags. Plus you can keep the mess away from areas where you routinely walk or children play.

We can't promise your puppy will be accident free after 3 days, but she or he will be well on their way to using the garden, and not your prized Persian rug!

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