About Us

Proud Dog Owners, Please Come Right In! 

I’m Gaven and one of my first memories as a child was spending long summer day’s running through the fields next to my Grandad’s house with his crazy Jack Russell called Kelly. 

Countless hours spent on adventures with my four-legged friend started my love for dogs determining my future as a PASSIONATE DOG LOVER! 

Here is a photo of me at 4 yrs old with Kelly, apparently I used to get quite grumpy when I was made to sit in one place for too long.

Anyway, the years went by and when I finally managed to get a puppy that I shared with a former girlfriend I came up with a LIFE-CHANGING reality. 

I realised that a refreshing walk in the park with my furry friend could in no time be turned into a nightmare due to a ‘trivial’ hygiene practicality:   

The Dog Waste Bags offered on the market were so incredibly THIN, FLIMSY to touch and always felt like they were READY TO BURST in the unlucky pet owner’s hand before they could get to a waste bin in time. 

Well to cut a long story short this is what happened to me, with utterly EMBARRASSING effects! 

Far from being a ‘trivial’ hygiene practicality, finding STURDY and RELIABLE Dog Waste Bags was now a BASIC NECESSITY! 

Because “Necessity is the mother of invention”, I was motivated to fill this gap in the market for dog walkers who want a NON-SEE THROUGH bag that they can TRUST. 

And this is how it all started! 

Creating Reliable Dog Waste Bags We Are SMUG Of!   

Our love for dogs and owners alike is proven in the SUPERIOR QUALITY dog poop bags we are making available at Smug Pets!

These are only A FEW of the reasons that set our bags far above competitive products flooding the market:        

  • We walk the extra mile to ensure our bags are the STRONGEST and MOST RELIABLE and are up to 33% stronger than other bags on the market right now! 
  • We boost YOUR confidence, making sure they are GENUINELY WATERPROOF & LEAKPROOF to save your pride in case of any misfortune!
  • We only source QUALITY products for great VALUE just like our 6 layer puppy pads that absorb up to185% more liquid than other products that cost the same!
  • We LOVE pets and we prove it! This is why we donate part of our revenues to the LOVE UNDERDOGS Charity striving to offer mistreated puppies a brighter future!

And These Are NOT All The Reasons That Make Us Burst With Pride!

Add to these the high-end CUSTOMER SERVICE either on the phone or by email, the HIGH VALUE PRICING along with FREE DELIVERY and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and you get the magic blend that brings us to the FIRST position with thousands of happy customers! 

Get Your Hands On Our Premium Pet Supplies That Will Change Your Views Of Quality FOREVER!



Best Wishes,